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News Report

*URGENT* 13-15's Competition Format Change


The 13-15's Leagues have decided to change the format of the Divisional competitions due to the COVID impact on fixtures.


Due to to continued and large scale impact that the current levels of COVID infections and isolations are having on our season, the League Management have, reluctantly, decided to change the format of the Divisional competitions, with immediate effect, to "Win Percentage" formats. This is very similar to how the current Super League, Championship and League One competitions are being conducted and will mean, importantly, that points accrued will no longer be the primary factor in any League standings.

In order to adopt the format, there are some basic rules and regulations that will need to be adhered to, which are as follows:

Continued Fixtues
All games will continue to be scheduled in and must continue to be played as and where possible. The aim of the competitions still remains to play as many games as possible.

Matched Number Rule
The Matched numbers rule for 2021 remain in effect and MUST be considered for use in all fixtures where less than the minimum squad size is available for any team, in any fixture. It is NOT acceptable to seek postponement where a squad still has enough to play using this aforementioned rule.

MINIMUM Games Played
All teams will have to play at least 75% of their scheduled matches to be considered for any Divisional championships and/or automatic promotions. This will mean that each division, based on their size, will have to play the following games.

Division of TEN teams = 14 Games out of 18.
Division of NINE teams = 13 Games out of 16.
Division of EIGHT teams = 11 Games out of 14.
Division of SEVEN teams = 10 games out of 12.
Division of SIX teams (playing 3 times) = 12 games out of 15 (must play each other home and away!)

The rankings on any Divisional standings will be determined by the following order:
1) Highest WIN Percentage
2) Most Wins from games played
3) Points (For & Against) Difference

The Forfeit rule (9.4) will still be in operation and will be used for any teams that are found to be un-necessarily delaying or blocking a fixture from going ahead.

Each team MUST play all opposition in their Division at least ONCE. The usual rules with regards to 'double-headers' can still be used if applicable.

Cumbrian Travel
In fairness to the Cumbrian teams at Under 15's level, AWAY games against Cumbrian opposition will NOT be considered for any cancellations.

Overall, there will be very little change to the current league tables but it will help to aleviate some of the huge pressure on all of our teams, and us as League administrators, to keep to tight schedules and will allow a bit more flexibility in planning and arranging (so long as the guidances are adhered to!).It is a massive regret that we have to even consider changing any format at this stage of a competition but with the impact of COVID continuing to set back our fixture schedules then we are left with little alternatives but to ensure we get the most we can out of the remainder of the season and still have some meaningful competition for all to take part in.

As always, any questions, then please just ask any of us and we will endeavour to help and assist where we can.

Kindest Regards
Dave O'Dowd
League Secretary
NWC 13-15's ARL.

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