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RFL Update: OURLeague ACTIVE


Further details released today on the RFL Membership Scheme: OURLeague Active


Good afternoon

While we realise that this is a long and detailed email, it is really important that you do take the time to read it fully please and respond where requested – thank you so much!

The Winter months are crucial for the launch of the Our League Active membership participation scheme in 2022.

It was always going to be a challenge for us, as a governing body, to explain the introduction of our sport’s first participants’ membership – and particularly why it is needed.

If you still have concerns and questions about the scheme, please do watch this film of Robert Hicks being interviewed by Fraser Dainton of Sky Sports fame. You’ll hear Fraser challenging Rob on various aspects of Our League Active, and Rob answering many of the questions asked by clubs and leagues over the last 12 months of consultation.  The link to the video can be found HERE. We do hope it clarifies things for you and puts your mind at rest as much as possible.

We know we haven’t got everything right – but we have poured hundreds of collective hours into this process to try to ensure that we consulted, listened, and amended, as well as informed.

It has been really heartening over the last few weeks to hear more clubs and leagues recognising that we’re all in this together. There may never be universal acceptance of every aspect of Our League Active, or the benefits it can bring to the community game – but we need it to be a success, as we all share the goal of having as many people as possible actively involved in Rugby League.

We’d also appreciate your help in reaching as many players and parents as possible. It’s in everyone’s interest to ensure this membership doesn’t come as a surprise to anyone and that we’re all ready when the time comes to register for next season.

So! In the spirit of the above, please could we ask you to do a couple of things for us?

Clubs or participants?

The core message remains that it is a participant membership, and players will be required to pay for that membership at the point of registration. But in the consultation process, some clubs have indicated a preference to pay for some or all of their participants, and we have promised to work with them to make that possible.  We also agreed to explore the possibility of players being able to pay for their membership over a period and I am pleased to say that the system has the option for players to pay their membership using Open Pay which will allow payments to be spread over three months. 

As we approach the key registration months of December and January, we need to know for sure which clubs wish to operate in this way, and which clubs would prefer to leave players to register individually – while we hope they will offer any support

necessary to make the process as straightforward as possible. Action: please let Kelly Barrett kelly.barrett@rfl.uk.com know by 3rd December whether you intend to a) pay for all of your members b) pay for some or c) have players pay for their own membership.

Help spread the wordSome of you have asked us to produce some text for clubs to copy and display on websites and/or send via email to their members.   We have therefore created a ‘digital postcard’ a link to a much shorter film with Robert and Fraser which can be found HERE, and images which can be shared on WhatsApp which are designed to explain the membership in a nutshell to participants and their parents. As mentioned above, the more we can make people aware of the programme before it’s time to pay, the more chance they’ll be ready and will register on time and all will flow through as normal and allow the new season to start on time.

Thank you again for reading this and for your help with the above actions.


Sandy Lindsay MBE

RFL Non-Executive Director and Community Board Chair

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