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13-15s Leagues - Postponement Procedure


A reminder to all 13-15s teams with regards to procedure for a game postponement

It seems that my message sent on the 13th July is still not reaching some teams, or worse being ignored, when game postponements are being requested.Therefore here is a reminder of that e-mail with the process on it. Again, if you don't bother to follow it, don't complain if you lose the game by forfeit!

If you wish to postpone a match for ANY reason, then you need to follow the process below:

1. Contact your opposition and let then know the reasons, and obtain their agreement
2. Contact your fixture secretary AND/OR League secretary and inform them of the postponement, and the reasons given.
3. If you are the Home team, and a Referee is assigned, contact them and inform them.
4. Await the official notification, via e-mail, of the postponement from the League Republic fixture system. Only then can you consider the game as off.

I am getting a little bit fed up of teams not speaking to their opposition, or not informing the League and/or Referees of postponements and just assuming that games are off because they have sent an e-mail to someone. Your game is NOT postponed until you get an official notification from League Republic stating so! If you don't get one, then chase us about it ASAP.

I have had two occasions where teams have turned up at opposition grounds only to be told then that the game was postponed all because of assumptions that it is OK because one e-mail has been sent. This has then cost teams the game!Follow the simple steps and there will be no issues, otherwise do not complain if you end up with a forfeit loss because you haven't!

League Secretary
NWC 13-15's ARL

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