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RFL Coach Right Course and CPD Details


ALL Coaches are required to complete the new RFL Coach Right course by 31st March 2021.

NEW RFL Coach Right Course Requirement and CPD for ALL Coaches

In 2019 game wide reviews took place and one of the findings was there is a need to influence behaviour change in our coaches in order to address some issues that came out in the reviews. The RFL community board identified a number of game wide aspirations, one being to raise the number status and quality of coaches. A sub group was set up to look at these specific aspirations and reported the following:

• A plethora of evidence, both in academe and anecdotally suggests that the competency of the coach will lead to improved performance and enjoyment in sport. Therefore a highly skilled coaching workforce is essential in any sporting system. This is of high importance to Rugby League since our strategic drivers are to increase the number of participants and at the performance end of the sport England win
• There are several issues across the whole sport that have questioned coach behaviours and the competency of coaches within specific contexts. This has been evidenced by the RFL game wide reviews (2019) which firmly highlighted a need to reinstate a compulsory element of coach CPD to try and nurture coaches to engage in a journey of continual learning to effect behaviour change. Specifically it was stated in the Game Wide Review:
+ A - “Significant emphasis was placed on the need for increased support and development for coaches, with Coach CPD considered a necessity to drive improvements in participation and retention, touchline behaviours and age-appropriate coaching”
+ B - “Re-instate a requirement for CPD to the coaching licence"

The group identified that to achieve the aspirations of the game wide review we need to start to implement a behaviour change to foster a lifelong learning culture by:
1. Providing further learning and development for coaches post qualification
2. Introducing mandatory Coach CPD requirements to form part of coach licencing
3. Use of online resources the coach can access 24/7
4. Increase the knowledge of the WHO-WHAT-HOW of coaching
5. From January 2021 all coaches will be expected to complete the CoachRight course prior to the season commencing
6. The coach licence should be issued on an annual basis and will expire 31st December each year

7. One further piece of CPD in addition to the mandatory CoachRight course must be completed by the coach on an annual basis from the 2022 season
8. Providing current resources and content which is considered a necessity to drive improvements in participation and retention, touchline behaviours and age-appropriate coaching

The above recommendations have been approved by the RFL board and the new policy will commence on 1st January 2021.
All coaches will need to complete the CoachRight online course for the environment that they coach in prior to the 2021 season commencing.
There will be 3 courses for Primary (U6-U11), Youth (U12-U18) and Adult (Open Age), you will need to complete the one that relates to your coaching environment.

The 2021 CoachRight course will be available on Ourlearning Zone from Monday 4th January 2021.

Coach Right Workshop

All coaches will need to complete the CoachRight online course for the environment that they coach in prior to the 2021 season commencing – deadline of 31st March 2021. 

There are 3 courses Primary (U6-U11), Youth (U12-U18) & Adult (Open Age).

The course content covers:

  • Ethos & Rationale
  • Playing Rules
  • Covid
  • Safeguarding
  • Player Welfare (Concussion)
  • Coaching (Planning & Delivery)
  • Anti-Doping & Betting (Adult Course Only)

Below are the steps coaches must follow to access the course.

  • Coaches can access the Coach Right course through Our Learning Zone
  • They must register as a coach on LeagueNet and have an Our League account both with the same email address.
  • When they go in to their Our League account there will be an option to join Our Learning Zone
  • Once they have joined the course is contained within the E-Learning group.
  • If they don’t have an Our League account, they can register at the link below.


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