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News Report

LeagueNet Online Registrations now OPEN


The online registrations system for the 2021 season is now open for re-registrations & new registrations for Players, Coaches & Volunteers.

The 2021 LeagueNet registration system is now open for the North West Youth and Juniors Clubs. 
Please refer to the agreed registration processes below, if you have queries please contact League Registrations Secretary, David Lowe, in the first instance via david.lowe@nwc-rl.co.uk 

Please click this league specific link which can be used for both new and re-registering players -  North West Youth & Junior League Player Registration Link 

NOTE: Clubs are reminded that it is the responsibility of the player (or player’s parent/guardian if under 18) to complete the registration process and not the club on their behalf. This is particularly important due to the current Coronavirus regulations as there is an opt-in agreement that must reviewed and agreed to as part of the return to play process.  If this is not followed the Club could find themselves in breach of the RFL Operational Rules and will be found guilty of misconduct. 
Return to Play Protocols 

Clubs will still be required to follow the Community Game Test & Trace Protocols, these can be found HERE. Teams will need to continue to maintain a screening register for players in both a training and match environment.  A template for this can be found HERE (PDF) or HERE (EXCEL).

New Players 
·         All new players will be required to register on LeagueNet. Parent/guardians should follow the above link, please note the parent/guardian will need to upload proof of age ID and a photo of the player. 
·         The Club will receive a notification that a player is trying to register to their Club (has a pending registration to their club) 
·         David Lowe has to approve all new player registrations – this is a system requirement and allows us the opportunity to confirm the players age 

Re-registering Players 
·         As previously advised an email address is required to process the re-registration of a player.  If a parent has not provided this information, then one must be provided to David Lowe who will update the players record. 
·         If a parent has provided an email address, they will need to enter this email address and enter the password previously used.  If the password is forgotten please click the forgot password link. 
·         Select the player record and then complete the online registration form updating any information if this has changed and ensuring all mandatory fields are completed. 
·         The Club will have the ability to monitor the players that are re-registering to the Club. 

Transfers must be submitted in accordance with the League rules. These will be conducted using a paper form as per previous seasons. 

Club Contacts 
The Clubs must provide up to date contact details for their Primary Contact. The Club can update their contact details on the system once they have a passport account. 
Reminder that the process for requesting administrator access is as follows: -   

1.    As a club administrator the first thing you should do is to go to https://passport.sportstg.com/ and register for a passport account.  
2.    You will receive an email, from Sports TG, asking you to activate your account. Please click the link within two hours or it will expire. 
3.    Once you have confirmed your details you will need to complete the access request form, which can be found by going to the following link: https://form.jotformeu.com/70324999956373 
4.    Once the form has been completed, we will email you confirming that you have been provided access.  
5.    Once you have access please visit https://passport.sportstg.com/ to login. 

A guide to updating club contacts can be found here Updating Club Contacts

Registering Volunteers – Coaches, First Aiders and Club Personnel 
It will be a requirement in 2021, as in last season, to register coaches and key volunteers within your Club.  The process is pretty much the same as players however the online form is titled coaches or volunteer.  

The volunteers that require registering are: 
·         Chairperson 
·         Club Welfare Officer 
·         Secretary 
·         Licensed Coach 
·         First Aider 
·         Game Day Manager 
-         Fixture Secretary
-         Team Manager
-         Web & Social Media Officer
-         Treasurer
-         Groundsman
-         COVID-19 Officer

Each team is required to have a Game Day Manager in attendance at each game.  Information on how the training can be accessed will be sent separately.  
Just to reiterate previous communications on Coaches, they need to be fully licensed (hold a level 2 coaching badge, a current DBS, an SPC qualification and signed the Coaches Code of  Conduct) and for 2021 they must have completed the CoachRight module on Our Learning Zone.  Coaches have been directly communicated with regarding this requirement.

Registration Links:  
Coach - North West Youth & Junior League Coach Registration Link 
Volunteer - North West Youth & Junior League Volunteer Registration Link 

LeagueNet Support Website 
Don’t forget LeagueNet support is on the RFL rugby-league.com website which guides players and club administrators through various interactions with the system. This is available by using the following URL: https://www.rugby-league.com/g... If you are unable to find an answer to your query or concern via this portal, please contact leaguenetsupport@rfl.co.uk or 0330 111 1113 where we will be able to assist you further. 

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